Grissom Class of 1992

Grissom Class of 1992
Grissom Class of 1992
Grissom Class of 1992

Grissom Class of 1992
Grissom Class of 1992
Grissom Class of 1992
Grissom Class of 1992
Grissom Class of 1992
Grissom Class of 1992






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6 /06

2012 Reunion

The GHS Class of 1992 is celebrating our 20-Year Reunion!

Save the date! The 2012 Reunion is Saturday, July 21.

  • Reunion Party: 7-12, at the Embassy Suites downtown

  • Family Picnic and tour of GHS: 11-1

The Reunion Committee is looking for you!

Download the Class of 1992 Twenty Year Reunion Packet (PDF)

Grissom Class of 1992
Photos from 1992 Photos from Reunion 2002

Grissom Class of 1992

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Grissom Class of 1992

In Memoriam: Scott Love (1992-2006)1st Lt. Scott Love was killed in action Wednesday, June 7, 2006, in Ramadi, Iraq. Memorial/funeral services have not yet been announced.

Read the entire article at: The Huntsville Times


Grissom Class of 1992




Members: 66

Jason Alley
Staci Barker
Ayla Basoglu
Jason Bissell
Laura Blair
Heather Blackburn
Brad Brown
Manuel Cachan
Colby Carter
Stacey Chapman
Ansley Copeland
Sean Crawford
Jamey Cross
Heather Dilworth
Kara Dunn
Joey Ehrenreich
Marc Elliott
Tiffany Eslick
Elizabeth Fuller
Lindy Gewin
Christoph Gibson
Jason Hall
Kara Hendrickson
Jacob Holt
Yun Hwang
Amy Ishee
Suzanne Johnson
Dave Jones
Julie Jordan
David Kan
Kristy Kincaid
Harold Klusendorf
Brandon Krause
Angela Krueger
David Lamy
Chad Ledbetter
Scott Love
Rebecca Lutz
Russell McMurray
Ryan Merrell
Anna Mitchell
Michael Morgan
Hallie Moyer
Shan Nichols
Taura Nichols
Belinda Niehaus
Kristi Pelletier
Jason Paddock
Jennifer Patch
Vrushali Patil
Derek Person
Theresa Pitruzzello
Anthony Rickey
Madeline Roberts
Desiree Runkle
Melissa Ruddle
Jason Sawicki
Dawn Schlagheck
Jessica Schouten
Lisa Schultz
Mike Schultz
Chris Scogins
Chris Seymore
Robert Sharp
Christopher Smith
Jeff Stevens
Christine Stockbridge
Jennifer Stone
Christie Summers
Fred Thomas
Chuck Tonini
Marla Tucker
Quitman Turner
Jaime Vega
Jennifer Walker
Jesse West
Zack Whitt
Cindy Williams
Jessica Woodhouse
Jennifer York
Kris Young

Only 378 to go!


Grissom Class of 1992
Grissom Class of 1992